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Vernice Contemporanea



International artists already accredited by official critics and new talents will present to the public through contemporary art the four natural elements. Painting, Sculpture, Graphics, Photography, site-specific Installations, Sound and Light design, Video art, Performance and interactive projects will be the protagonists of 'The Magnificent Four'. This project aims to focus on how the harmonious interaction between the four elements has always been the basis of life and survival on earth and how this has inspired artists, scientists and thinkers in their field to address and portray the beautiful and dark sides of Fire, Earth, Water and Air.


Read the interview with our curator

Massimo Casagrande in INEWS-ART no. 68
Pages 32/35 

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Vernice Contemporanea is a non-profit cultural association founded in Italy in 2009.

It promotes contemporary art in all its forms by organizing events and exhibitions of the highest level in public and private spaces, presenting artists already accredited by official critics and young talents to the public. It collaborates at European level with Public Institutions, Museums, Foundations and Companies. Is currently concentrating his projects in the south of Portugal.



It proposes its curatorial activity on themes of historical-artistic, social and environmental importance by selecting the best artistic projects related to the proposed themes through international open calls and taking care of every detail in every design phase of the exhibition. Each exhibition is accompanied by the publication of catalogs and promoted through sectoral and marketing channels.


It is dedicated to artists who intend to promote their work following every detail of all cultural, technical and commercial aspects. A 360° path that provides for the enhancement of the artistic work and of the artist through the participation in exhibitions, fairs, reviews and special projects and all the advertising hype that follows. Through our open calls, artists will be able to submit their works and, in case of selection, participate in the exhibitions we organize.


It intends to be a virtuous example of synergy between the artistic and entrepreneurial worlds, which will aim to make two areas interact erroneously perceived as distant and instead able to give life together to new and profitable paths to generate development and relaunch the economy, thanks to the “universal” language of art.

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Il curatore Massimo Casagrande e l'artis (1).webp

Exhibition set up at the Palladian complex of Villa Caldogno-Vicenza

The art curator Massimo Casagrande and the French artist Jeremy Magniez

Art work created by one of our artists for the Caterina Zardini winery in Verona


Vernice Contemporanea

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